NetGalley Update: The Unexpected Is Now Available for Review

The Unexpected is now available on NetGalley through Xpresso Book Tours. If anyone is interested in reviewing the book, it can be found in the link below!

Thank you 🙂


First Author Interview

clinton coy midwest book review graphic design - 12.5

Recently on tour, I had the chance to do an interview for Java John Z’s. This is the first ever interview I’ve ever done as an author and I had a lot of fun doing it!

A huge thank you to John for featuring me on his blog. The interview can be found in the link below 🙂

NetGalley Feature

Clinton Coy Midwest Book Review Graphic Design - 12.3

On January 10th, The Unexpected will be featured on through Xpresso Book Tours.
This is the first time for me using NetGalley and exploring different ways to help promote and market a book. I am super excited to have a chance to do this and share my book and its message with more people. More details and links will be provided soon so if anyone is interested in reviewing or reading the book in general, feel free to check it out!

New T-Shirt Campaign 2019



To help celebrate my Virtual Book Tour coming up in January, I am releasing a new t-shirt campaign! The shirt is similar to another t-shirt campaign I ran a few months ago but has the “Virtual Book Tour 2019” placed on it as well as the overall image being placed on the back.
The shirts can be found on Teespring right now and all profits that are made will be donated to an anti-bullying organization. The shirt will only run until the end of January so feel free to check it out when you can and be sure to follow along the tour to have a chance to win a signed copy of The Unexpected, as well as a signed Book Mark!

Link to Shirt:

Virtual Book Tour 2019


I’m so excited to announce that on January 7th through January 18th, I’ll be doing my first ever Virtual Book Tour through RABT Book Tours and PR! This is such a cool event to be a part of and a really cool chance to spread awareness of my book. Below is a link to my Tour Page for those who want to follow along! There will also be a giveaway where I will be handing a signed copy of The Unexpected as well as a signed book mark. So be sure to follow along to have a chance to win!

The Unexpected: Midwest Book Review

Clinton Coy Midwest Book Review Graphic Design 12.3 (3)

The Unexpected was recently reviewed by Midwest Book Review!

“An inherently engaging, impressively original, and exceptionally well written novel”Midwest Book Review

“A deftly crafted science fiction novel by a master of the genre with a genuine flair for originality and narrative driven storytelling”Midwest Book Review

Both reviews can be found in the links below and be sure to check out the rest of the reviews and other amazing authors out there!

New Material

The sequel to The Unexpected has officially taking off! The new novel has been outlined and writing for the first five chapters have already been completed.
With this book, the goal is to stick with one of the main themes from the original book while also promising more Sci-Fi within this world filled with IOB creatures.
The story will introduce new characters while also following the lead of Clay once more as he hopes to make his appearance again in later 2019.
Publishing plans for the book is being discussed and once the book is complete, more details will be released.
Be sure to keep up with me on Facebook (@authorcscoy) and Twitter (@CsCoy123) as I’ll be updating my progress on this new book, along with anymore updates with The Unexpected! 🙂
Thank you!
– C.S. Coy