On Hiatus

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that as of today, I will be going on hiatus for a while. I’m not really sure when I’ll be back, but I hope to soon. I apologize ahead of time if I’m not able to answer any messages or get back to you right away. I promise that when I return , huge updates will be provided regarding new projects of mine along with any new information that may come up. Until then, thank you for your support and I appreciate your patience.
– C.S. Coy


Tour Wrap-Up, Thoughts, & Thank You’s

virtualbooktourteasercscoyam2019Recently, my first ever Virtual Book Tour hosted by RABT Book Tours has just ended and I have to say its been a really amazing experience. The tour brought a lot of firsts for me as I had the opportunity to be featured on a handful of bloggers websites which I can’t thank enough for. Through excerpts, reviews, and a first time interview, the tour brought along a lot of feedback both negative and positive, which has been a really good learning experience for me to help me become a better writer.
With that said, I think the most important part of the tour (and my favorite part of the whole tour), has been the fact that I’ve been able to spread word about my book more. I mean the giveaway that was held, apparently generated 127 entries I believe which is far more than I thought anyone would participate in and I can’t thank you all enough. Though only one winner will be announced soon, I definitely want to hold more giveaway chances for you guys which hopefully can be done soon as we move forward.
But overall, the tour has been really fun and the support from people on the tour has truly been amazing. Whether it has been through simple likes or comments, thank you all for your support as it means so much. None of this can happen without you, so thank you.
More updates and announcements are on the way soon, so stay tuned!

For those who missed the tour and want to find out more about the blog spots, you can still check out my Tour Page below for more information:


NetGalley Feature

Clinton Coy Midwest Book Review Graphic Design - 12.3

On January 10th, The Unexpected will be featured on Netgalley.com through Xpresso Book Tours.
This is the first time for me using NetGalley and exploring different ways to help promote and market a book. I am super excited to have a chance to do this and share my book and its message with more people. More details and links will be provided soon so if anyone is interested in reviewing or reading the book in general, feel free to check it out!

New T-Shirt Campaign 2019



To help celebrate my Virtual Book Tour coming up in January, I am releasing a new t-shirt campaign! The shirt is similar to another t-shirt campaign I ran a few months ago but has the “Virtual Book Tour 2019” placed on it as well as the overall image being placed on the back.
The shirts can be found on Teespring right now and all profits that are made will be donated to an anti-bullying organization. The shirt will only run until the end of January so feel free to check it out when you can and be sure to follow along the tour to have a chance to win a signed copy of The Unexpected, as well as a signed Book Mark!

Link to Shirt: https://teespring.com/the-unexpected-tshirt-cscoy

Virtual Book Tour 2019


I’m so excited to announce that on January 7th through January 18th, I’ll be doing my first ever Virtual Book Tour through RABT Book Tours and PR! This is such a cool event to be a part of and a really cool chance to spread awareness of my book. Below is a link to my Tour Page for those who want to follow along! There will also be a giveaway where I will be handing a signed copy of The Unexpected as well as a signed book mark. So be sure to follow along to have a chance to win!