Paperback Edition of The Unexplained


Quick Announcement!

For those wondering if there is a paperback edition of The Unexplained going to be released, I am here to confirm that there will.

The paperback version of the book is currently in production and is almost complete.
Originally, I would’ve liked to release the book the same day as the eBook version but I didn’t want to release a physical copy of the book that wasn’t ready. I want to make sure that the book is 100% perfect and looks 100% perfect and so that you the readers also have the best possible version of the book in your hands.

With that said, I’m expecting maybe a holiday release of the book so sometime in November or even the start of December.

More updates will soon be provided on this so be sure to keep a look out and if you haven’t already, check out the synopsis of The Unexplained (eBook) which will be released October 1st, 2019! Preorder Available Now.


The Unexplained by C.S. Coy

Synopsis: Taking place after the events of The Unexpected, Clay joins HOPE in order to head to a new city called Burunian. Stationed as a headquarters for HOPE, he and along with his friends Adrian and Jimmy, begin their journey for a new start against the IOBs. But as they do, the crew begins to experience different challenges that prevent them from protecting the city. Tearing them apart, the crew must work together to not only overcome these new problems, but to find out who they are, as they discover a much greater threat emerging…


1 Year Anniversary of The Unexpected


Celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of The Unexpected!

Synopsis: Taking place in the year 2025, an invasion of alien creatures called Instinctive Outside Beings (IOBs) have taken over the world. With the world merely destroyed, a man named Clay Treston finds himself struggling within a reality he has long lost. Tortured and beaten from the impact of the IOBs, he continues to fight and protect a city full of survivors in order to hang onto a past that holds him together. But when suspicious events begin to appear, he soon learns a bigger plot beginning to unfold around him as he tries to hold himself together to fight. On the verge of losing himself and the city, he is then forced to not only learn what his true path is in the world, but to put aside his feelings to finally see a new reality before him.

“An inherently engaging, impressively original, and exceptionally well written novel” – Midwest Book Review

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Details, News, & Updates

Hi everyone, I wanted to take the chance to update you on a few things that have been going on these last few weeks along with some updates about what is to come.

After taking some time formatting and getting some help with the editing, I am officially excited to say that my new book is totally done!

With that said, a release date is set and ready to be revealed soon. A cover reveal/title reveal will take place soon so be sure to keep a look out for announcements!

For those who don’t know, this book will take place right after the events of The Unexpected. It’s a sequel containing 50 Chapters and will be released only as an ebook at this time. A synopsis containing spoilers of the whole 1st book will also be provided before the book is released.

Links will be provided when ready as new merchandise will also be announced to anticipate the books release.

To go along with some of the new merchandise that has been designed, I will also be holding a new t-shirt campaign to help raise money against bullying in October.

Two new book events are also scheduled for the fall.
These events will be announced soon and any changes in the dates will be updated frequently.

Be sure to follow along as more updates are coming soon!

Thank you! – C.S. Coy

Updates, News, & What’s to Come


Hi everyone!
I wanted to take the chance to update you on some things that have been going on these last few weeks and what is still to come.
In terms of production for the new book, heavy editing is still taking place in order to bring it up to speed. Once the book is edited and changes are made, I can properly format it and come up with an exact date of when it will be released. With the cover already done, everything is still on track to hopefully aim for a 2019 release.
Until then, countless hours are being spent preparing for the release of the book as a solid marketing plan is being developed.
Aside from all of this, new items for merchandise are also currently being developed. I really want to create some really cool items to go along with the new book and hope to see it all come together soon.
With that said, I do hope to do more t-shirt campaigns as well that will take place sometime this year.
So far not much development has been made in making the Clay Treston Plush Toy available for sale.


Since there hasn’t been too big of a demand for them, I haven’t really pushed to make them for sale. But if this is something you would like to have or see, please let me know and I will do my best to make them available. Otherwise, I will just use them for giveaways 🙂
Other than that, I think that’s it for news at this time. Hopefully some new developments will begin unfolding these next few weeks as I hope to share with you all some really cool stuff.
Until then, be sure to keep a look out for more updates/news and as always, thank you all for your support!
– C.S. Coy